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Roy Christie - Ireland


Born by the River Bush, I spent many years observing the river and its residents. I watched the trout closely and started designing flies to satisfy their tastes. I have been fishing since I was four or five years old and tying flies since I was in primary school.

Over the last twenty years, my work has been widely published in magazines and books - Trying Emergers by Schollmeyer and Leeson,  Modern Midges by Takahashi & Hubka, Chalk Stream Fishing - Graham Chalmers (2012) and The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies by Ian Whitelaw, (2015)


I have been delighted to demonstrate my talents at shows across Europe and America, have spent forty five years involved in river restoration, facilitating protection and habitat in streams in Northern Ireland, England and the US.

I am generally known for my reversed parachute flies and have a portfolio of work designed around real and difficult fishing situations.


Now retired from a career in the computer industry, I am living by a wee stream where I guide and teach small stream tactics and fly dressing and where I can test and further refine my designs. I am also a Partridge Pro Team member.

I am delighted to be tying again at Killyleagh in 2015 and sharing my work there.