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Keith Passant


My name is Keith Passant and I have been fishing for almost 60 years and fly-fishing for 35. I started, as many of us, with a jam jar and net chasing minnows and sticklebacks. The fly-fishing bug hit hard in the early 80’s, followed closely by attempts at tying flies on a vice made from an old lawn mower part. That is when I decided I needed help! After a search of fly-fishing magazines I joined a local branch of the Fly Dressers Guild. I am now working as the fishing specialist for The Orvis store in Burford in the Cotswolds. I have a passion for the charity Casting for Recovery and have tied 24 hours non-stop on three occasions (twice at The British Fly Fair International) to raise funds for the cause.


I enjoy tying just about any kind of fly from salmon to trout, grayling, saltwater and coarse fish. This will be my first visit to Killyleagh where I will be tying Paraloop flies for trout and grayling and look forward to meeting you at the fair.