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Steve Peterson - Ireland


Steve Peterson will be hosting workshops that will address - Fly Casting Mechanics with both Single and Double Handed Rods.

 Bio- Steve Peterson AAPGAI Master ,FFF CCI.

Steve started fly fishing at an early age in his native Northern Ireland but fishing became more than a hobby and was soon a career choice. Steve left school to study fisheries management and worked on a Trout fishery for 12 years . This is where he was able to study fish and their habitat and also practice casting on a daily basis.


Steve first qualified as a casting instructor in 1994 with STANIC , since then APGAI , Federation of Flyfishers CCI and AAPGAI Masters in both Trout and Salmon have been added.


Steve left fisheries work to go into full time fly casting instruction with Sportfish , then had nine years in sales and marketing with Hardy & Greys Ltd and currently is the UK and Ireland representative for Flyfish Europe who distribute leading US brands such as Simms , Waterworks Lamson , Scott fly rods and Scientific Anglers fly lines.